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Sublime Text Personal Settings

Favorite Snippets

Close_windows_when_empty — Closes the whole window if there are only empty tabs open when you hit cmd + w.


Folder_exclude_patterns — Set up folder exclusion for commonly used directories in your projects.

Font_ — Set type preferences for readability. Obviously, a monospaced font like Source Code Pro from Adobe would be best.

Highlight_line — Highlights the currently selected line based on styles in your theme. Incredibly useful if you use multi-pane layouts.

Highlight_modified_tabs — Another theme-based preference, but still useful. If you have multiple tabs open, one with un-saved changes will be highlighted.

Match_ — On creation of an opening bracket/brace/etc, a closing one is inserted.

Scroll_ — Allows you to scroll past the end of a file, which is necessary, especially if you hate extra empty lines at the end of a file like I do. Scroll speed to 2 is also helpful if you’re impatient with large files.

Translate_tabs_to_spaces — Simple. Add this. And if you’re still using tabs in your code, quit it.

Complete Preferences: